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when i was 14 i was basically like “i am going to FDUCKING DIE WHY DO PPL NOT WANT TO DATE ME” and then i got cute and got a nice haircut and someone wants me to date them but i am anxious and scared;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; why this
this stuff is scary. how do u turn this off i literally only want friendships rn but i also dont want to hurt cool ppl and probably myself WOW what

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bye im fuckin going to sleep im anxious enough about the dangerous guy thats been around our neighbourhood lately i cant be anxious about romance bullshit

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tbh i used to really want to date people some time ago but now im just anxious about it

i m just scared of fucking up or somethign like that i cant date someone when im stressed and anxious  like this it’ll just hurt them and me      but i

will i ever feel less anxious

will i ever feel like im ready to date someone i dont KNOW

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Ferguson protesters gather for highway shutdown.

Part 2

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please dont forget about my dog

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aaaaaaaaaaaaalso my friend is so adorable;                hes so adorable like its like he knows that im worried so he tries to make me feel really good about stuff and he just cheers me up nd says positive things and like i love him i  m so glad he exists he can make me go from super anxious to very calm in a few seconds im gonna cry im so hppy i met him

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the guy from yesterday apparently really likes me and like.hes apparently p ok with me being shy and not doing things and he seems to want to date me but. i dont want that kinda stuff now like i dont plan on dating ppl so soon??????? but i dunno like i wanna say “lets just be friends until i feel different or smt” but like what if i never end up wanting to date him and make him wait for smt thats not coming? or what if i end up liking someone else and

no i dont like dating i just like friends.„„„„„„„„„„„, if i were to date someone itd have to be a best friend or someone but being too friendly to someone when they like u is painful i know how trhat feels FUCK

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ok but can we just appreciate how detailed mario’s shoe is


ok but can we just appreciate how detailed mario’s shoe is

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